What is Webmail? A new, free webmail service from SMNet. Access your email online, through your browser anywhere in the world.

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With WebStats, you are able to measure the hourly, daily and monthly amount of visitors to your site, along with various types of information about a visitor, such as what pages they viewed.

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Spam Filter
If you're receiving email messages flagged as spam in the subject line it's from SMNet's new spam filter. You can now create a filter in your email program (Outlook Express, Entourage, Mac Mail, etc.) that will automatically place the spam you receive into a folder designated as spam or automatically delete it. Thus reducing the amount of time you spend viewing and deleting it. If you are able, setup a filter or message rule in your email program or contact us if you need assistance with setup.

To reduce the amount of spam you receive it is advisable that you follow these three steps outlined below.

1. Delete emails suspected to be spam without opening them – Whenever possible, delete spam without opening it. Merely opening a spam email may activate embedded html within the message which can then verify your email address as an active one. The result: you’ll get even more spam.

2. Never open suspicious-looking attachments – Attachments to spam often contain spyware programs or, worse, Trojan horses, viruses or worms. Once opened, any one of these nuisances can easily lead to a frustrating, time-consuming and, potentially, costly removal effort—if they can be removed in the first place, of which there is no 100% guarantee. Plus, these programs or scripts will likely report back to the spammer the fact that your email address is valid. The result: you’ll get even more spam.

3. Never reply to spammers – If you’re looking to decrease the amount of spam you receive, quite possibly the worst course of action you can take is replying to a spammer’s email. Yes, spam messages often have language that leads you to believe that unsubscribing from a junk email list is as simple (and harmless) as sending a reply email with the subject heading “Unsubscribe.” But in the world of spam, nothing is what it seems. The more legitimate a spam message looks, the cleverer the spammer is. Simple is anything but. Replying to a spam email does one thing and one thing only: it verifies your email address as an active once more undoubtedly for the spammer than either of the two ways mentioned above. The result: you’ll get an infinitely greater amount of spam.

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